Upstairs Amps

15 Lafayette St. San Francisco CA 94103 | Ph: (408) 838-4409

There is sound, and then there is the sound of sound

Drawing upon 45 Years of tube and solid state design, we, at Upstairs, repair and/or modify to customer whim, Marshall, Fender, Park, Custom, Mesa Boogie, Highwatt, Wizard, Ampeg, Peavey, Gibson, Silvertone, Epiphone, Acoustic Corp, Soldano, Matchless, Vox, Rivera, Trainwreak, Orange, Laney, Roland, Galien-Krueger, and nearly anything else you have and want restored to where it should be, and where it will be, when we're done. Vintage integrity is maintained as can be with available NOS parts. Pedals are also welcome, Silicon, Germanium or Unobtainium.

Bring us your tired, your burned out, your noisy, your screwed-up-beyond-all-hope amp, and we'll make it a player again, upstairs.

amp man!

J. Kirkwood H. Rough - Amp Man.